Baby Bean Bags A Mother’s Story

Last month, my sister had a baby boy. Whilst she was expecting her baby, I ordered a baby bean bag for her. I had gathered about its useful qualities from my friends. Right after my sister delivered, she started using the bag for her precious one.

My experience

I totally enjoyed the fact about the product, that it can be used for children of various age groups. Its brochure mentioned a maximum weight of 30 Kilos, could be withstood by it. This signifies that newly born infants to approximately 7 year old kid can use this product.

The best feature

Its best aspect is that it has one covering has a bending strap on it, to keep the baby unharmed on the seat, while the other is a standard, flat surface like you would expect such bean bags to comprise. It is surely preferable to shift to the toddler cover from the baby cover, once the baby is able to move the chair by themselves or when he Is too grown up to be strapped to it.

I bought a polka dotted blue and white bag for my sister amongst a varied variety. They had bags of different themes and different shapes. I opted for a cute polka dotted pattern with small elephants on it.

Its crest zips off or on easily without any problem. It is really very convenient to handle. It is better to use a waterproof sheet beneath the zipper, to avoid it getting soaked, in case of any leakage.

End result

My sister has been using the baby bean bags from past one month and is quite happy with it. This is probably the best gift I could have given her. Her elder daughter who is 5 years old also uses the same bag after removing the chair. It is also very cozy for the child due to its filling material inside.

Overall, I would say baby bean bag is a great product to buy for your precious little one.